2D BIG Dash ( 1Can )

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2D Datarecording BIG dashboard


BIG dashboard.Based on newest COG technology (chip on glass) the well known 2D HQ Dashboard is coming in next generation as a stand alone unit with additional input channels.

  • New glass design for better information with bigger dotmatrix area
  • Reduced weight improved reliability by COG technology
  • A graphic display with 132×64 dots can be used to show any channel or to display warning messages (indicating low oil pressure, high water temperature and low battery voltage)
  • 64 segment rev-counter in graph style with user definable, non-linear range. Show gear position, number of laps, running down qualifying time. Update rate is 100Hz.
  • Extra warning light on the side of the dashboard
  • 1 CAN-lines   ( second CanLine required a Option )
  • Online calculation channels
  • Adjustable brightness of LEDs
  • Full temperature range -20°C to 85°C
  • Temperature controlled contrast
  • Usable as standalone display unit
  • Programmable via CAN-bus

The Device,can be connected to a CAN line and share informations with 2D dataloggers, Mectronik devices ( ECU and Controllers ), and other external devices ( e.g. MyLaps transponders ). Has build in advanced lap timing capabilities. Can be sold ready to use if installed into a Mectronik’s System.

Additional information

Weight 1.21 kg


Here the datasheet :