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Engine control unit for engines up to 4 cylinders – STANDARD VERSION

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Engine control unit for engines up to 4 cylinders with 4 Injectors. It uses a high performance, multicore 32 Bit CPU which ensures performances and flexibility. Moreover, it can use a software, developed in Model Based. Finally, for interested clients, it can be supplied a complete tool based on Matlab-Simulink®, which enables the development and the simulation of the algorithms on their own.

The compact and lightweight MKE5 Ecu, is equipped with automotive connector and includes:

  • 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) inertial platform
  • Controller for Wide Band Lambda sensor
  • Memory for data acquisition
  • WiFi communication system
  • Memory for LogBook function
  • Flexible and programmable I/O
  • Input for knock sensor

Some features can required Fw Options or Hw dedicated version. Refer to the Datasheet for more details

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


Here the datasheet :


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