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Controller for management of 2 lambda probe (Bosch® LSU 4.9™)
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This controller has been developed for the use with two Bosch LSU 4.9™ lambda probes both in standard and mini version (compact motor sport). The advanced management of the sensor heating phases and of its internal temperature ensures a rapid warm-up, avoiding thermal shocks which would damage the sensor and reduce its functional life. Furthermore the controller has two programmable analogic output, which allow to emulate also Narrow Band sensors.MKL2 is the best solution for Motorsport applications and in any applications which require the use of Autosport connectors. The information communication on CAN line is configurable as communication speed rate, as CANID, and supporting both Little and Big Endian formats. The device calculates automatically both the LAMBDA and the AFR value as well as the remaining oxygen percentage. This model is provided in a small, alluminium case with elegant finishing and 22 pin Autosport connector.


  • 2 LSU 4.9 Sensor Management
  • CanBus Output Programmable
  • Analogic Outputs 0-5V
  • Full diagnostic features
  • Open collector 500mA Diagnostic Output
  • Autosport Connector AS 12-35 PN
  • Temperaure Range -20…….+125°C
  • Can be used in chain mode for multiple measurement

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