Wiring Bridge for Speed Sensors – JuniorGP M2

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Wiring Bridge for Speed Sensors with AS connector – JuniorGP M2


Adaptor cable for a fast and easy connection of the Speed Sensor PRD0058 into JuniorGP M2 main Harness. The cable should be used in both, front ( 2x ) and rear side (1x ).

  • Suitable for the CBL0006 Main Wiring Harness
  • JST 3Way connector ( Main Harness )
  • AS1 07-98 connector( Sensor Side )
  • Front and Rear side
  • Plug & Play for JuniorGP M2
  • Order 3 pcs for any bike


Additional information

Weight 0,12 kg


Here the datasheet : CBL0009_WIRING_BRIDGES_SPEED_SENSORS_MOTO2_V1.0

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