CDI Power Unit for 4 Coil

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4 Coils CDI Power Module

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This power unit add Capacitiver Discharge Ignition capability to our Engine Control Units . It’s designed for driving single coils in multi cylinders engines . Usefull for 2 Stroke engines, hi performance Turbo charged application, drag race and alternative fuel.

  • Output Voltage 460……540V
  • Spark Energy   115……150mJ
  • Supply current    up to 7A
  • Suppy Voltage   6…….18V
  • Nominal Voltage 13V
  • Trigger signal    Squared Wave
  • Trigger point     10mA adjustable edge
  • Tacho Output   0-12V 10mA Square wave
  • Operating Temperature up to 105°C
  • Wheight 570 gr


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


Here the datasheet :

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