Lambda LSU 4.9

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Bosch Wide Band Lambda sensor version 4.9 .


Wide Band Lambda sensor, BOSCH Motorsport LSU4.9.This sensor is designed to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases of automotive engines (gasoline or Diesel).The wide band lambda sensor LSU 4.9 is a planar ZrO2 dual cell limiting current sensor with integrated heater. The main benefit of the LSU 4.9 is the robust design combined with the high production quality standard.

  • Application: lambda 0.65 to ∞
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 930°C (1,030 for a short time)
  • Thread: M18x1.5
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Compatible with MKE7,MKL1,MKL2

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg


Here the datasheet :

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