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Lambda Management Option for Engine Control Units

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Software enabling license for internal Lambda controller in MKE5 and MKE7 Ecus. After the buy, will be mandatory to send to Mectronik or to a dealer the ecu Serial Number for updating file compiling. A license will enable a ecu and one time only. The Mecal software, the acces to ecu and a Canusb interface is required for ecu upgrading.

  • Applicable to MKE5 and MKE7 Engine Control Units
  • Wide Band LSU internal control
  • Lambda Cloosed loop
  • Lambda auto learning
  • External Lambda controller for selective closed loop in double bank engine ( V engine )

All Ecus sold by mectronik has a time limited lambda controller enabling ( and related strategies), to be used during the first engine calibration or setup. After that the time will expired, the lambda features don’t work, so the user can required the option to continue the strategy using.

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